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Rowell Dionicio

I'm far from calling myself an expert in wireless but I know how to avoid the most common mistakes I see being made in different environments. Because wireless signal is invisible, some may think wireless is easy to deploy. Just pop up a few access points here and there and we're good to go, right? I wish it were that easy but there's more to it.

What I love about the wireless industry are the different individuals who are making waves (no pun intended) by giving back. These are engineers who live and breathe wireless and only want to see it improve.

Wireless Capacity Planner

Take Andrew von Nagy, author of Revolution Wifi, as an example. He published a Wireless Capacity Planner which I recommend to anyone who is deploying wireless. I commend his work and generosity to the industry. This tool is essential for explaining the Why in wireless. Included in the planner is an Excel sheet in which you can specify what kind of APs will be deployed and what kind of clients will be using wireless and in the end it will calculate approximately how many radios you should use.

Wireless Capacity Planning


It's obviously a better planning utility than just guessing at which AP to use, how many, etc. Not only do you get the Excel sheet but Andrew also includes a PDF going into wireless capacity planning.

Designing For Capacity

Andrew doesn't stop there. He has produced exceptional material. One example is his presentation on Designing for Capacity. One of his slides mentions the typical design process which focuses mostly on signal strength and coverage.

Download his presentation and soak in the education.


Revolution Wifi has been a big influence in my career, regarding wireless. I have learned so much from his perspective. One thing I did come to ends with is that the CWNA is highly beneficial to anyone in the wireless industry.

I am currently in my early stages of studying for the CWNA but I have read through the book front to back. It is a lot to take in but very interesting to me. The book is a great place to start if you are just getting started in wireless.

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