Wi-Fi 6 stress test

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Turns Out, Not All Wi-Fi 6 APs Are Created Equal

The next-generation of Wi-Fi is here to bring efficiencies and improved performance. But how does each enterprise access point stack up against mixed traffic in a capacity setting?

In today's networks, there's a large increase in low-latency video and voice applications and a lot more devices joining the Wi-Fi network.

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In our Wi-Fi 6 Stress Test Report we highlight the performance of each access point and compare the results in an easy to digest manner.

The processing of various types of multimedia is critical. The test is meant to reflect similar sized environments with mixed device types that are Wi-Fi 6 and older capable devices.

Additionally, enterprise-grade access points are now cloud-managed. Each vendors' dashboard provides different methods to identifying issues. This changes the operational procedures for IT teams.

It is clear from this testing that both aggregate and individual device performance within a mixed client environment can vary dramatically from one Wi-Fi 6 vendor to the next.”

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