Packet6 is Now a Palo Alto Networks Partner

Rowell Dionicio

Wi-Fi connectivity is critical in today’s workforce. Every user and device also needs to to be secure. That’s why we are prioritizing security for all aspects of the network.

Today, we announce Packet6 has become a Palo Alto Networks NextWave Innovator Partner.

By partnering with a leader in cybersecurity, Packet6 expands its capability to protect organizations across multiple touch points, ensuring that all mobile users are protected and secured.

Packet6 is expanding its services offering and expertise with its partnership with Palo Alto Networks.

Users are highly mobile and need protection from cybersecurity threats from all angles.

Our partnership will strengthen the important role we play in helping customers deploy network solutions while strengthening their security posture.

This speaks to our top priority of providing secure Wi-Fi access to our customers so that IT teams can be at ease.

If you’d like to discuss how you can improve your security using Palo Alto Networks, contact us today.

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