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Mobility Field Day 1 Approaches

Rowell Dionicio

Logo for Mobility Field Day.I am fortunate to have been invited to the upcoming 2016 Mobility Field Day (MFD) event which is put together by the fine folks over at Tech Field Day. MFD will be held on April 13-14, 2016 in Silicon Valley. I'm very excited to join the other WiFi thought leaders in our industry.

Tech Field Day brings together highly valuable engagement between IT product vendors and the delegates.

The difference between Tech Field Day and other conferences is the type of engagement, education, hands-on experience, and feedback from vendors we receive as delegates.

Mobility Field Day expands from Wireless Field Day by virtue of Internet of Things (IoT). Wireless really has grown into a highly connected world through mobile devices and embedded systems. It encompasses wireless technology, mobile devices, and other technologies such as MDM, BLE, and analytics.

The information received by the delegates is then scrutinized by the delegates and brought forward to the community via blog posts, social media interactions, podcast episodes, and more.

As a wireless practitioner, I am looking forward to having close and open relationships with the vendors, thorough education of vendors’ products, and engaging conversations with my fellow delegates.

I’ll be joined by other professionals who I look up to in this industry. This includes:

  • Andrew von Nagy
  • Blake Krone
  • Drew Lentz
  • Eddie Forero
  • Jake Snyder
  • Keith R. Parsons
  • Lee Badman
  • Ryan Adzima
  • Sam Clements
  • Steve McKim
  • Rowell Dionicio (Myself)

Thanks to Stephen Foskett, Blake Krone, and team for putting on this event. I look forward to it and hope to provide value.

You can follow MFD1 and the live stream or follow the #MFD1 hashtag on Twitter.

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