Meraki Introduces MR36H In-Room Wi-Fi

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Having a big ugly access point visibly hanging in a room is an eyesore for many people. Aesthetics are often key to any Wi-Fi deployment, especially in the hospitality or dormitory environments.

Meraki has introduced the MR36H wall-plate access point which is a smaller form factor from the oddly shaped access points that are currently offered.

The Meraki MR36H access point is ideal for in-room hospitality and dorms. The access point is mounted on the wall and blends in with its surroundings.

Meraki MR36H wall-plate access point

Key features of the MR36H include:

  • Dual-band (2.4- and 5 GHz capability) 5.4 / 6 dBi gain
  • 2×2:2
  • 802.11ax
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Wi-Fi location capability with a dedicated 3rd radio
  • 3 Ethernet ports and one PoE passthrough port

Use Cases

The MR36H is positioned for hospitality. It brings Wi-Fi closer to the user in hotel rooms compared to legacy installations with the access points deployed in the hall way.

Similarly, it can be deployed in dorm rooms for higher education students needing mobility. It enables other wireless use cases within the dorm for wireless door entry and other IoT devices. And in today’s workflow, taking classes via video conferencing anywhere in the dorm.

With Wi-Fi location and BLE enabled on the MR36H it opens up other use cases for guest density heat maps, location analytics and foot traffic, and insights into network issues.

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