Enterprise to Home Wi-Fi. Enabling Work From Home.

Rowell Dionicio

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has shifted our lives. We’re all working from home to the best of our abilities. For some, they’ve realized a full home network upgrade is in order to support the network demands placed on old consumer network hardware, such as access points.

You may have noticed the poor video conferences your colleagues may be having. They’re joining with grainy or delayed video. Their audio is cutting out. Some are dropping off the network and re-joining the video conference on a regular basis.

It’s decreasing productivity further and it is because they need to improve their Wi-Fi networks. We’re shifting our enterprise Wi-Fi strategies to the work-from-home method. 

Enabling the Remote Workforce

The in-home challenges and increased Wi-Fi usage is becoming a bottleneck. Whether it is the bedroom, garage, or dining table; work is done anywhere in the home. We need to enable our workforce with the equipment to do their job effectively. 

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi by Engenius

Consumer-grade Wi-Fi is not cutting it anymore. Most access points are installed in suboptimal locations and configured incorrectly. Multiple video conference meetings sometimes occur at the same time on the same access points servicing gaming consoles and video streaming services. 

More than ever, our workforce needs the support of IT to help improve their in-home technology experience. But a strategy and a well thought out plan are required.

IT Strategy for Home Wi-Fi

How does IT provide better Wi-Fi connectivity for the home? Traditionally, the enterprise would gather requirements and create a Wi-Fi design. In the home, we may not have those luxuries.

Sometimes, it just requires a step up from consumer-grade hardware. Why? For fine-tuning of the Wi-Fi network to enhance the user experience.

A strategy would encompass different things. From network management for the IT support staff, ease of use, aesthetics in the home, and cost. 

Every home is different and users may want to customize their own SSIDs. But managing those access points should be easy for IT support staff. Leveraging cloud-managed Wi-Fi is a must. 

Access points from Ubiquiti UniFi and EnGenius come to mind. 

Creating WLANs with Ubiquiti

These are affordable and easy to manage. They include features to see network performance and allow for simplified troubleshooting. Ubiquiti UniFi and EnGenius provide advanced network configurations to help optimize a Wi-Fi network that may be susceptible to busy radio frequency (RF) environments. 

Deploying cloud-managed access points can be configured remotely and once plugged in, settings are pulled from the cloud to be updated right away. IT can help determine where to place the access point strategically and identify if mesh Wi-Fi solutions are necessary (which is supported by Ubiquiti UniFi and EnGenius.)

How are you supporting the work-from-home workforce?

This strategy might not be for everyone and it doesn’t outline every single aspect but it’s a start as we live through the impact of COVID19 and plan for the future where remote work may be done more frequently. 

We need to shift our mindsets to helping our staff improve their own Wi-Fi networks which can be done with cost-effective solutions.

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