Cloud-Native Juniper EX4100

Rowell Dionicio

AI-driven network infrastructure is gaining momentum. Juniper Mist has seen campus switching revenue increase 70%.

Integration of Mist within the Juniper network stack takes aim at solving some of the most common network infrastructure issues.

Juniper announced the EX4100 switch at Mobility Field Day 7, in which Rowell Dionicio was in attendance.

Juniper EX4100 cloud-native switch

The latest EX switch is cloud-native, with higher efficacy using flow-based telemetry to streamline IT operations. By improving the network deployment workflow, Juniper allows zero-touch provisioning of network hardware and easily extends the network fabric with EVPN-VXLAN.

AIOps, with Marvis (Juniper’s AI), is a big factor to Juniper’s success by reducing the mean-time-to-identify (MTTI) an issue such as DHCP problems, cabling issues, or missing VLANs.

With Marvis ingesting petabytes of data, the efficacy increases tremendously. Juniper is on their way to leveraging Marvis to improve mean-time-to-resolution. Issues can be resolved automatically through AIOps.

The EX4100 switch contains eight SFP slots which can be used for uplink and/or switch stacking. There’s no streaming PCAP functionality yet. Additional features include MACsec AES256 to encrypt connections between switch ports, group-based policies (GBP), and PoE++ 802.3bt.

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