11 Wireless Influencers to Follow on Twitter

With all the noise in Twitter it can be difficult to follow relevant conversations. I’ve developed a list of influential Twitter users who provide useful information on wireless technologies. These are the top 11 wireless influencers to follow on Twitter.

You can find these fine individuals on my Twitter list along with others to follow.

@revolutionwifi – Andrew von Nagy is an outspoken advocate of wireless technology. He writes at revolutionwifi.net

@keithrparsons – Keith R. Parsons is an author and leader in the wireless industry. He sits on the CWNP advisory board and is CWNE #3.

@samuel_clements – Sam Clements works for a Cisco VAR and is passionate about wireless. He holds a CWNE and CCIE in Wireless.

@devinakin – Devin Akin co-founded the CWNP program and is currently the CEO of Divergent Dynamics.

@mrncciew – Rasika Nayanajith is a dual CCIE (R&S and Wireless). He writes on his blog, mrncciew.com, which I have been on multiple times when searching for anything regarding Cisco WLAN controllers.

@wirelessguru – George Stefanick is a Sr. Wireless Consultant and has given great webinars on troubleshooting wireless networks. He has a great blog over at my80211.com.

@blakekrone – Blake Krone is a Wireless Network Architect and heads up the No Strings Attached podcast.


@wirednot – Lee Badman runs the #WIFIQ conversation on Twitter which triggers lots of wifi discussions every week. He blogs over at wirednot.

@HeyEddie – Eddie Forero is the CEO of CommunicaOne. He also runs the hilarious blog, Bad-Fi.

@wifijanitor – According to Steve, he cleans up someone else wireless mess ;). He blogs over at wifijanitor.

@radzima – Ryan Adzima is a wireless Cisco Champion and is part of an interesting podcast (which includes Whiskey) Whiskey & Wireless.



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